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So last night I was looking through Adventures in Time & Space for more caps to finish off my mood theme and couldn't quite find ones that worked - so I watched the episode again on BS Player and just kept on hitting that 'P' button all the way through it.

There was no science to it at all, although I was hitting the button quicker when I knew there was a good shot coming up, I didn't pause or frame advance or anything. I've got 5989 caps saved to a CD right now and they're actually pretty clear (for the most part - there are some dodgy ones in there as well)

Would anyone be interested in me setting up a gallery with them so you can use them as well? (If I do make a gallery I'll edit out the crap ones! Hell, I might even link it into [ chalk it up to hormones ] (the Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered screencap site I run) Here's a couple of sample caps so you can see what the quality's like (haven't touched these at all - no sharpening, brightening, nothing)


Okay, I really hate the Rich Text Editor on LJ!!! Gah!
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