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I hate Fridays

Okay, so I finally seem to be coming down from my week long high just in time for the weekend.

I hate Fridays.

Very nearly didn't get out of bed this morning - because of the commute to work I *have* to be out of the house before 7 if I'm going to have any hope of getting to work by 9. 6:55 I was in my bed, still half asleep and some twisted sense of obligation to this bloody place actually propelled me up and out. I'm shattered, have a double-shot venti americano in front of me right now and am too tired to drink it plus I have the very friendly but ultimately annoying cleaner talking to me whilst I'm typing.

I hate Fridays.

On a plus side, while we were away at the weekend, smileawhile challenged me to write a non-Xander centric story. She gave me two characters and a time frame and despite a few logistical problems with it I've got it planned out in my head. I'm kinda looking forward to writing it to be honest, I won't tell you who it's based around until I actually have something done on it but let me just say I'm looking forward to letting my inner geek out to play for a while.... *grin*

Ah well, off to attempt to clear my desk then.

I hate Fridays.
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