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the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Doctor Who

Sarah Jane!



my reactions, scribbled down as I was watching:

Tony Head? Hamming it up here – but oh so creepy!

Start of the lesson – *giggle*

“Correctamundo! A word I have never used before, and hopefully never will again.”

- the look between the Doctor and Rose when she’s serving him dinner – LOL!!!
- Rose as kitchen staff – *snorfle*

“Happy-slappy hoodies with ASBOs and ring-tones.”

Mickey and his Torchwood lock outs on the computer – oooo.

Stop with the Mickey/Rose-ness. It’s just wrong!

Sarah Jane and the Doctor’s first meeting - *really* well done. DT pulls off that glee so well!

Rose scratching at her arm, something’s up with that – pay off later?

(some lovely shots in here, going to be next to impossible to cap)

SJ’s reaction to seeing the TARDIS – heartbreaking!

Realisation that he’s the Doctor – awwwww!

Sidestepping the “everyone else died” question – foreshadowing?

“You can tell you’re getting old. Your assistants are getting younger.”

“The missus and the ex. Welcome to every man’s worst nightmare.”

“In the year 5,000 this was cutting edge!”

“If I were you, I’d go easy on the chips.”

Sarah Jane’s getting jealous – v. cool!

Going to be hard for people not aware of the show’s mythos to get into this episode.

Mickey with his whole ‘piece of crap!’ reaction to K-9 – ROFLOL!

Rose’s jealousy is actually quite heartbreaking, seeing herself in Sarah Jane.
The Doctor not wanting to see Rose die, having left Sarah Jane behind because he didn’t want to see her die, awww! Time and Chips (LJ community) are going to be all over this episode!

Schpooki! (face off at the swimming pool)

“I always thought of you as such a pompous race.”

“If I don’t like it, then it will stop.”

“You get one warning. That was it.” (no second chances, I’m that sort of a man.)

“That’ll be me talking to a metal dog then.”

The better than you argument between Sarah Jane and Rose? So real!

….”The Loch Ness Monster!”

“Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?”
“Yeah! I’m like, d’you two want to be alone?”

The fat kid’ll save them all!!!


(signal went screwy, I ranted about that a little)

“They’re using their souls.” (*shivers up the spine moment*)

(Conor bob_bobbing – you were wrong to dismiss the God Complex as a cheap gag... told ya!)

V.V.V. COOL!!!!

“How lonely you must be, Doctor.”

SJ: “Everything has its time, and everything ends.”
(You can’t end Sarah Jane! (really thought she wasn't going to walk away at the end of the episode at that point))

Chips in school meals = BAAD!!

“suggest you engage running mode” *snorfle*

“Forget the Shooty Dog Thing.”

Mickey pulling the plug – lol!

“When we find him, eat him if you must, but bring me his brain.”

Kenny blew up the school! (fat kid who didn't eat the chips)

(recurrant theme music with Sarah Jane (I think it’s from PotW)

SJ in the TARDIS: “You’ve redecorated.”

“You’re smart. More than a match for him.”
“You and me both.”

Offering to take SJ with them – oh that would have been so cool!
And then taking MICKEY!!! Yay!

“you need a Smith on board.”
Oooo – Rose ain’t happy!

“Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.”

“Find me. If you need to. One day. Find me.”

“Like I said, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

“Tough act to follow.”

“Say it. Please. This time. Say it.”
“Goodbye. My Sarah Jane.”


“He replaced you with a brand new model.”
“Yeah, he does that.”
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