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Ficlet: Doctor Who - set at the end of School Reunion

I said I wasn't going to do it this week, that I would not write anything Doctor Who related after the episode.

Yeah, that worked.

Ficlet: Not the Tin Dog
Author: Shona
Spoilers: School Reunion
The newest companion explains why he can't not come.

"No, I get it. You don't want me here, right?"
"No!" Rose's eyes widened as she realised how that had sounded and tried to make it better. "No, it's not that… you're like my security blanket. You and mum, knowing you're back home - safe - means I don't have to worry about you. Means I know you're okay, y'know?"
Mickey shook his head, "So you don't care what we might be thinking of you not being safe. About you running off the whole time and doin' god knows what? Don't tell me it's not dangerous, that you're safe, that you've not nearly been killed. Hell, every time I see you, the world's ending." He took a breath and Rose was shocked to see tears standing in his eyes.
Almost as if he'd seen her notice, he pushed them away with the heel of his hands and carried on. "Look, I know things between us can never go back to what they were and if you and the Doctor have some kind of thing going on, then that's cool." Rose shook her head quickly in denial but Mickey just kept talking over her protests.
"I'm not coming because I want to get between you, or because I think this is some big romantic adventure to get you back. I'm coming because all the things I've seen since the Doctor came into our lives…
"They stop me sleeping at nights. I'm coming because I can't stay at home and turn into some kind of conspiracy theory geek.
"I'm coming because by coming I'm doing something."
Rose watched as he shrugged a little. "'Sides, they're putting up my broadband charges and I can't afford that on my pay."
She laughed then and threw her arms around his neck. As he hugged back she thought she heard his breathing change - like he was trying not to cry - but when she stepped back he was all smiles.
"So where's our room then?" He teased.
"Oi you!" She punched his arm lightly. "*Your* room's just down there. C'mon, I'll show ya." She took Mickey's hand in hers and the two all but skipped out of the Console room.

On the other side of the room, unseen by the pair, the Doctor watched them go with an inscrutable expression on his face. Having Mickey along for the ride was certainly going to shake things up.

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