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I did like the episode but from the moment I saw the preview clips at the end of the Christmas Invasion, I knew this was going to be a weak one for me. I'm not in the slightest bit interested in that period of French history so...

The episode felt bitty to me. As if the story editors weren't quite sure whether it should be a future episode or a recognisable past one. So they tried to make it both and kinda... didn't quite mesh the two together. Still processing and I remembered to tape it this time so I'll watch it again once Confidential's finished (and in fact they're currently talking about the story development process on DW:C right now) but it just felt a little too... bitty.

The repetition of the random lines from season one stuck out for me (bananas are good) and there was no pay off - or even hinted pay off - in this episode and I really hope it isn't just yet another reminder that he's still the same man/Time Lord. I also didn't quite catch any Torchwood reference or wolf/bad wolf links so...

Something that I've been thinking since it was said: "What's in a name?" (A Rose by any other name...) makes me wonder if Rose would have been just as compatable if they'd scanned her (plus the clockwork guy said something like 'she is compatable' whilst looking at Rose)

I'm being random about this, sorry, but the story of the episode just didn't engage me. There were enough fantastic moments to keep me happy - the horse. Arthur. I love that whole thing - the sudden revelation of the horse on the ship, the whole "I'm not your mother" (ooo - random repeat of a theme that I just twigged on there!), and yes, even the jump through the mirror (although as soon as I heard the hoofbeats I actually said out loud "Do not be on that horse!" *g*). Rose's single tear when she realises he's left her behind (again), the *almost* hug between Mickey and the Doctor, the Doctor pretending to be drunk. The moments made the episode for me. The story? Not so much.

But I did like it. Honest. :)

Oh - except for the whole "Lonely Angel" crap. Puh-lease.

Oh - and this? Wonderful writing:
"It's a temporal hyperlink!"
"What's that?"
"No idea. Just made it up. I didn't want to say 'magic door'."
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