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okay, so the backlash from the Rose/Doctor shippers has got me thinking about exactly why he chose to trap himself in the past rather than let the clock work repair droids kill Reinette and it comes down to something said in Father's Day.

"Because of you, there's someone alive today who shouldn't be."

The implications of that almost destroyed the world.

Wouldn't the reverse also be true?

And wouldn't the Doctor know that? Moment to make a decision, Mme de Pompadour should not have been killed, history says she wasn't killed that day, he was saving the world (I could save the world and lose you). He did the right thing.

(Second viewing is helping bring the story together by the way, I... am growing to like it more.)

I think this episode is very much going to be a slow burner. For me anyway.
(pun kinda intended!)

30 banners down, 31 to go by the way - WKA winners should hopefully be announced tomorrow!)

Quick fic rec (and my goodness the ficcers are responding to this episode damn quickly!) Equals by mythverdandi - set straight after the events of Girl in the Fireplace. Angsty, beautiful, kinda thought-provoking. Bit like the episode in that way. :)
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