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Back at work and I am not going to bitch about it, no really! Mostly because this is a short week for me anyway and I'm making it even shorter by being a very generous little sister and taking the afternoon off to babysit my nephews and neice so that my sister can go on a trip to Ayr Races for her birthday. (Brother-in-Law phoned me a few times asking me for a favour and I was blanking him a little thinking he was atually going to ask me for money - when he finally came out with what he wanted I was so chuffed it wasn't a loan that I said yes straight away.) So any ideas on how to keep a three year old, a two year old and a... five month old (had to work that one out there!) amused for a day?

I'm behind on Final Straw I'm afraid, sorry for that - it will be updated soon though! I had a bit of a headdesk moment with it yesterday, the whole story is inspired by the Snow Patrol album and each chapter is inspired by a specific song on the album. The epilogue isn't, it's inspired by the current single ("You are all I have") which is on the new album. Got the new album yesterday, listened to it last night, and that song makes me want to vid (something I am slowly getting into on the side, as thedothatgirl knows with my "but how do I do that?!" emails... Thank you AC!). Wouldn't be a problem if the vid had anything to do with Xander and/or BtVS. But no, it makes me want to make a Doctor Who vid.


So anyway, I'm heading home soon (about half an hour) and I'm going to try to make as many WKA banners as I can before heading up to the madhouse that is my Sister's place. Fun!
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