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*falls down and is ded*

Oh. My. God. I am so never having kids! I knew this anyway, but yesterday just totally confirmed it! Kids were kinda hyper, my neice isn't quite verbalising properly yet - she is saying words and constructing sentences but she's lazy about it and babbles more often than not, so having a conversation with her? Surreal doesn't even begin to cover it! And we played Monopoly. I hate the game, I suck at money and counting and all the logic stuff you have to kinda have a basic awareness of to play the game and I was playing against a 2 year old and a 3 year old. They ganged up on me. I lost.


Also watched Prisoner of Azkaban, Star Wars: RotS and most of Goblet of Fire. You might be thinking, hang on, there's not one of those films that's under a certificate 12, WTF are kids that young doing watching them? And I have to say I kinda agree, but on the other hand they don't watch them alone and they *never* (at least when I get to hear about it, and from observation I can see it's true) use them as a tool for quieting them. They talk about the films, they ask questions, and I get such a kick out of that - film graduate here, hearing a three year old ask the kind of questions some of the first year students on that course didn't think about just makes me grin!

Got home hella late - kids were in bed by the time their parents got home - and I had to be up at 5:30. I actually didn't sleep well at all last night - kept on waking up and checking the clock frantically. It's the one thing I kinda hate about holidays - I get so used to not following a schedule that getting back into one sucks. Ah well, only in work today and tomorrow and then I'm off to Not Fade Away - the *last* Angel convention run by Starfury (I put the emphasis there 'cause it's actually... the third *final* convention? Something like that anyway. They keep having just one more every time. I think this really is it though - ticket sales have been okay but not stellar.) I fly down on Friday, will be meeting up with thedothatgirl and acrazywench and no doubt will be having a lot of fun this weekend coming! Actually... I was going to make this a seperate flocked post but I'm going to throw it out in public. smileawhile has a ticket as well but she's not able to go this time (Uni exams clashing - sucks!) would anyone be interested in taking it off her hands? It's in Heathrow, this weekend, give me a shout if you're interested! (you can email me if you'd rather not comment - shona[at]

(check out the random segue!)

The roadworks on my way into work - the ones that have been pissing me off an a daily basis and adding at least an hour to my journey every day? - all gone! They were supposed to be gone on Saturday but they overran and on the TrafficScotland site they were listed as being up until the 11th. Drove up this morning, sitting at 70 (or actually just over but hey, that's not actually legal so I did not just say that) at the point where I'm normally crawling along in first gear. Dawns on me that the yellow signs saying "Delays possible" aren't there... Huge grin comes onto my face as I see the tarmac in front of me gloriously free of orange and white traffic cones...  Yay! They were still clearing them on the other side of the road but it looks like it will also be clear by the time I go home tonight - I may even be able to make the 31 mile journey in less than an hour - woo, and indeed, hoo!

And on the way into work I heard an extended trailer for Doctor Who on the radio and I have to kinda squee about it - so to avoid spoiling those at US rate, I'm gonna do the whole font color=background color thing below the cut, highlight the text to read it!

This is the first of the Cybermen return two-part episode which in itself is enough to squee about, but the trailer I heard starts with the Doctor saying this: "The last TARDIS in the universe, and it's extinct." So the TARDIS *dies*?! That's how they get stuck in the alternate reality and no doubt they will either revive it or find some time loop thingy to go back to before it died, but can you imagine the Emo? We think the Doctor's already verging on the edge of being an arrogant ass (c'mon, he is! He's a lovable arrogant ass, but he's still an arrogant ass!) because he's 'alone in the universe' now that he's the last Time Lord, but without the TARDIS? OMG! EMO!!!1!!11! *g*

And since I'm convention bound this weekend, I'm not sure if I'm going to get to see the episode this week until I get home, and I won't be able to comment on it 'till Monday at least! Gah!!

And ETA - a recipe that smileawhile asked me for and I thought I'd share. This is my 'what I make when I don't have a clue what else to make' recipe.

Chicken breast (if you’re on a tight budget you can use thighs and strip the meat from the bone)
Spicy sausage (Chorizo is good or even those pepperami things work)
Rice (I use Basmati because it’s what I always have in the house, but long grain or easy cook works as well – only thing not to use is Arborio or 'risotto rice')
Red peppers
chilli sauce (tabasco or whatever you like)
+ chilli
+ garlic
+ ginger
(+ or Cajun seasoning)
Prawns (the larger the better)
Stock (I use vegetable stock cubes, but you can use whatever you like)

Cut the chicken into strips and brown in a large high sided frying pan (or wok) with the spices.
Add the red pepper and onions (also cut into strips) and the spicy sausage; cook until the onion softens.
Chuck in the uncooked rice – and remember measuring is for other people, whatever looks like it’s enough – stir the rice in to soak up some of the flavours (the pan will still be fairly dry at this point)
Throw in the sweetcorn and add some stock with a little chilli sauce thrown in – I usually just put in enough liquid to almost cover the contents of the pan – and turn the heat down to a simmer.
When it’s almost done add the mushrooms and prawns (if you want 'em)

And you’re done!
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