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Y'know how Mary Poppins had that bag that seemingly held everything she could ever want? I have the opposite apparently. This morning I swear I put my MP3 player and headphones in there, I also put my wrist strap in because it's been bothering me a little lately, and my good Papermate pen and writing notepad.

I have my notepad and my MP3 player. I don't have my pen, my wrist strap or my headphones. I know I put them all in the bag, but they're not there now.

It's a mystery.

And it'll teach me not to use a bag, I don't generally, always kinda hated them which of course explains why I have three hundred (or whatever the number is - I have a lot of bags). So now I'm sans tunes which is bugging me a little because it's too damn quiet in here, and I'm bored already. I have tomorrow off to pack for the convention (I'm the worst packer in the world - I'm good at getting things in a tiny suitcase/bag but I keep thinking I've forgotten something and unpacking/repacking over and over again. Trust me, I need at least a day to pack. (I've tried the whole making lists thing - it doesn't make a difference...) and I can't really justify taking a half day today just because I'm bored. Can I?

White Knight Awards winners will be announced tonight, I've still not finished the banners but I swear I will have them done by midnight tonight. Again, huge apologies for the delay in this. I've been thinking about round four already. It won't be running for a few months - I'll probably aim to have it around December time to be honest - but I was wondering, would it be worth opening up nominations for it straight away? That way if you come across a story you want to nominate you can just go ahead and do it there and then rather than waiting six months and losing the link and what not?
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