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White Knight Awards!

Finally back online - kinda.

I have no email, I have *really* limited space on my hard drive and I have almost zero processing power. But I'm here! Yay!

And... this is the more important thing.

The White Knight Awards Round Three Winners are announced!

I am so sorry both for the delay in announcing these and for the lack of winners notifications - as soon as I have email restored I will be sending them out straight away! (Banners for the winners are here)

Congratulations to each and every single winner!!

However... I screwed up, and I am so sorry for that. The votes for one particular category did not go through and I only noticed the problem after I had completed the banners. So rather than carry it over onto the next round, I've coded up another voting form for it here - please recast your votes for that category? Thank you!

(now I'm going back to try to fix my computer some more!)
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