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Angel US rate

Tried to watch the latest two Angel episodes back to back today to catch up and gotta say that was a bad plan.

Timebomb was pretty good, quite interesting and really let Amy Acker stretch those acting muscles again. She and Alexis really carried this episode it has to be said, DB was a little off - I don't know what it is recently but there's something about his performances this year that I'm just not buying. Maybe there's a character driven reason for it but it really feels like he doesn't really care any more and is phoning it in.

The Girl In Question.

Pissed me off royaly. I made it to the credits and saw Angel and Spike get into the lift, as the lift door closed so did WinDVD. I can't watch it it's annoying me so much right now. I wasn't looking forward to it and I really don't think I'll be able to watch it. Since when does Buffy need to be rescued? Since when does she want their help? Grrr. I probably will watch it eventually but to be honest Im not that bothered right now...
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