the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

*fingers crossed* I think my computer is back on its feet again! I managed to not only open Thunderbird last night, but also download a bunch of emails (about 70% spam - gah!) and then send an email! (thedothatgirl - did you get an email from me last night?) Woo, and indeed, Hoo!

I also managed to open Photoshop long enough to trial out some stuff on it and, while it was running slow, it was running. So *hopefully* I'm back in the land of the working-computer-having again! (which means I can announce the zeppo_stillness winners tonight - finally!

Other news, I'm not feeling particularly healthy today. I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment (seeing photographs of me always does that...) and I've been eating kinda properly over this week - so why do I feel like I'm about to throw up at the slightest provocation? And it's not just nausea - there's the whole jaw-tightening thing going on (that's not just me is it - not to get too graphic about it and put you off your breakfast, but with me the difference between 'feeling' sick and 'being' sick is that odd way my jaw tightens. Or am I just being strange again?) I have very little to do at work today so if I keep my head down I should manage to make it through the day. Hopefully.

Should have some writing ready to post this weekend by the way, if not Final Straw (which it should be) it'll be something else that's been eating my brain since last weekend. :)

Oh! Just remembered - part of the thing I was trialling on Photoshop last night was the colouring on the WKA icon that jgracio asked about a textless version of - I don't have the original file but I can re-create it for you JG - just want to ask, what especially about the icon is it you like - is it the colouring or the cropping? :)

ETA ROFLOL! I was chatting to monkey_matt there about my rewatching of Angel (starting at City Of...) and I told him a little of what was said about the follow-on films at the convention last weekend (the films will *not* be happening, Amy Acker and J August Richards confirmed that). I'm not going to say any plot lines or anything, but there was talk of who the big bad of the first film would be. Monkey goes back through to his little office and I get this from him by email: Shoot them, shoot them now. Set traps and poison. Don't let the little buggers breed. Apparently everyone knows when a plot bunny bites me now!
Tags: computer, random
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