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Rise of the Old Skool Fanbois

So I've said in the past that I am not an old school Doctor Who fan. This episode was an old school fanboi episode. (Yes Rusty, I'm lookin' at you.) The Cybermen were not iconic to my era, they were a joke. The Daleks were iconic - and genuinly creepy - the Cybermen were extras wrapped in Bacofoil and almost as laughable as the Smash robots. I'm a little *meh* about the "RotC" episode. The effects are cool, the (new) Cybermen themselves are frelling cool, Lumic (Trigger) is so OTT it's not even funny. Tony Head pulled off the OTT Doctor Who baddie, Trigger? No. Just... No.

nostalgia_lj has no doubt put it in words better than mine but the whole 'clique' of Ten/Rose? - so over it now. Mickey on the other hand? Rocks my socks. Which makes me sad to think that he's probably not going to last long. (Good thing is that Noel Clarke is confirmed as a writer for Torchwood - cool!).

Rose = bitch. It's canon folks. *g*

The Doctor is without his entire planet - yes, so the emo gets a little much from time to time, but c'mon. The TARDIS is dead (so they think) and he barely blinks? (and ten years of his life? That's like ten minutes for us normal people! No real sacrifice there...)

Please Rusty, tell me the hubris is going somewhere? Please?!

Two-part episode though, I'll give them the first half setting up the action - next week (or actually tomorrow now I come to think of it!) better have some actual emotional payoff. (C'mon, this is the equivalent of last year's Empty Child/Doctor Dances arc. It's got a helluva lot to live up to.)

And I just have to say - Mickey! I'm rootin' for ya man!

(anyone know if there's any Mickey/Rickey slash out there? *g*)
Best part of the episode:

Doctor kicks the TARDIS console
Mickey: Did that help?
Doctor: Yes.
Mickey: Did that hurt?
Doctor: Yes.

(randomly - Rusty? Tell me you're not being derivative and this isn't your version of "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland" rolled into one... booster17? Up to the challenge of an AU Buffyverse meets this DW-verse? *g*)

Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! - this needs to be a fanvid! *bats eyes hopefully at thedothatgirl...
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