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More Doctor Who ramblings.

In which I again talk about RotC and expand some more on Age of Steel. Not two of my favourite DW episodes but not *that* offensive either. :) Damn, I need another Mickey icon!

Rise of the Cybermen

I kinda hate John Lumic. Not in the way I'm meant to - what with him being a selfish egomaniacal bastard - but rather because he's crap. Waaaaay too OTT. Tony Head managed to be OTT and still be genuinely creepy, this guy? Trigger? Pile of donkey crap.

The Doctor/Rose interaction = irritating as hell.
Mickey = still a little whiney at the start of the episode and Rose's whole licking the corner of her mouth while the Doctor again makes Mickey look like an idiot, makes me want to physically torture her.

The *death* of the TARDIS, yes I think the Doctor was heading towards the emo funk that would have been expected but it was actually Rose's interruption that lifted him from the funk. And then Mickey with his "See? I'm not an idiot!" realisation of the AU-ness. Go Mickey - you rock!

And then that's derailed by Rose's "He's still alive…" Didn't we do this story already? And oh so much better than this pile of… nonsense.

Rose as a bitch was a cheap gag, funny, but still a cheap gag.

Pete being presented as still a bit of a wide-boy is quite cool - especially with the pay-off in the next episode - but it's a little wasted. It would seem that he's deeper entrenched in the Lumic Corporation than it initially looks and more exploration of that would have added depth to the first episode. More Pete, less emo!Rose would've been good. (side note, I spell-checked this and the suggestion for emo!Rose? 'Moronic'. Heh!)

Where'd she get the phone? Seriously, she had like a cheap Nokia last time we saw here with a phone and now she's got a top of the range gen-3 one? Yeah…

Doctor and Mickey on the TARDIS, the Doctor reveals more about himself to Mickey than he ever has to Rose ('used to be possible, hop across realities and be home in time for tea' - paraphrasing, sorry!) Something about this is beautiful and makes me hate Rose all the more. I don't slash Doctor/Mickey (primarily because my head slashes Mickey/Jake (although is it still slash if it's canon?)…) but the relationship between the two makes me wish it had been Rose who had stayed behind.

This conversation also adds credence to the possibility that the end of the season will see either the rebirth or the resurrection of the Time Lords (although please, Saint Clare of Assisi, please say it aint Rose… 'cause that would suck beyond the telling of it.). And with the Time Lords back, then 'dimension hopping' will again be possible which means that perhaps this is not the last we've seen of Mickey. (*hopes this is the case*)

Why can't Rose see that - separation aside - Pete and Jackie are actually *better off* without her in their lives? Gah!

Mickey and Rose kinda ganging up and Mickey's declaration that the Doctor doesn't know anything about him and there's no choice… the look the Doctor gives him is actually kinda heartbreaking. I think it's clear that the Doctor knows that Mickey is not the idiot, that he recognises the speed with which Mickey understood the AU thing stands him in far better stead than the selfish brat who still has the ability - and tendency - to fuck up the world. Whatever world she's in.

(side note, I liked the Blade Runner-esque comment made by the soldier about the 'toffs' living up high (in the Zepplins) while everyone else struggled to get by on the ground - but then it's ruined in the next shot with the Doctor and Rose walking through a prosperous looking business district.)

The theme of technology taking over - the ear pods downloading information straight into people's heads - intriguing. Nice take on the Cybermen myth - as they've said on the DWC programmes, when the Cybermen first appeared the big fear was organ transplant and the over-reaching fear of "the other". Now we're back to the more Orwellian fear of being taken over by some omniscient technology.

Mickey with his gran. I love him from that moment on. Knowing that he inadvertently caused her death in his own reality and seeing that same cause existing in this world - Rose thinks she's got emo? She's got bupkiss.

Rose is a snob. I've been a waitress, both in a café and as silver service staff at catered functions. Working in the kitchen is the best way to get info on what's really going on. And Rose's "well maybe Lucy's just a bit fick" comment makes me want to slap her silly and then take a leaf out of the first season of Spooks - anyone got a deep-fat fryer handy?

When did this happen? When did I start to loathe the second lead in one of my favourite shows? There has to be a reason for it - right? There has to be pay off?

("They've still got each other, mum's got no one…"  yeah - 'specially now she doesn't even have Mickey any more…)

Doctor's reaction at seeing AU!Rose - love it!

Mickey and Rickey - very cool! Nicely done by Noel Clarke (and all involved) - shame the facial tic (which I'm assuming was supposed to be a whole 'determination' thing) made him look like he'd just discovered a nasty smell…

"We are going to bring him down."
"From your kitchen?"
"You got a problem with that?"
"No, it's a good kitchen…"

Pete being the one to get the Torchwood reference in was pretty damn cool in retrospect it has to be said.

I love the fact that Rose 'connects' with AU!Pete but not with AU!Jackie! "Who the hell d'you think you are? You're staff. You are nothing but staff."

Cybermen reveal - very cool. (Although Rose was wearing just a bit too much blush this week - possibly to balance out the huge use of mascara…)

"I've seen them before." Yeah, and so have you Rose. I'd let it go but since she remembered in the next episode I'm kinda grr at that.

Best supporting role of the episode has to go to Jackie's bra, it really has to be remarked on.

I have an issue with this episode which is kinda silly in a way. Jake is played by an actor who is also a TV presenter on CBBC (Children's BBC). He is iconic to kids, and yet he is the one character who is trigger-happy. Always with a gun in his hand - I'm not sure about the wisdom of that.

The Doctor's hysteria at the lack of acceptance of the surrender should have had a better pay off. Nicely done cliffhanger but…

Age of Steel

Cliffhanger was cool. Resolution… sucked. Although it will make a cool icon it has to be said. Deus Ex Machina - the piece of the TARDIS saving them all. Meh.

Mrs Moore taking charge - love this to be honest. "Never seen a slower get away in my life!" She is a fantastically cool character who deserved a little more character development.

Rose looking betrayed that Pete might be a bad guy - she keeps swinging back and forth to the whole "it's not my world"/"he's my dad" which just annoys the hell out of me.

The Doctor likes Rickey - the whole reaction to parking anywhere is cool. Maybe it's the fangirl in me who still loves Ten but I like to think he recognised the 'Rickey' potential within Mickey from the start and seeing the AU version of him kind of confirms he was right.

Again Lumic is a pile of shite. Anyone else - anyone else - and I wouldn't be so meh about the whole thing. He ruined what should have been a very cool episode arc.

(Anyone else thinking about the Christmas Invasion blood control march when they saw the controlled people heading out to Battersea?)

"I reckon you're braver."
"Oh yeah, ten times."

I love the whole Mickey and Rickey story - and I know we're supposed to think that it was Mickey who was killed but I thought it was painfully obvious. The transfer of that smirk - the 'what the hell did I step in?' expression - was wonderfully done. Seeing Rickey killed in front of him, changed him irrevocably. I. Loved. It.

The attempted murder from the henchman guy… again this would have been cool if Trigger hadn't been hamming it up so much. Forcing the upgrade on Lumic was cool, but the decision the Cybermen took to deify him was a bit… lame.

Jake's reaction when he realises his boyfriend's dead… broke my heart. (And yes, I use the word boyfriend deliberately, take another look at this scene and tell me it's subtext.)

"You're just making this up as you go along!"
"Yup. But I do it brilliantly."

I adore that part…

Pete's plan to go in the front door - yeah okay, that works, but what the hell were they actually planning to do once they were in?

Perhaps we're meant to think the Doctor again forgot about Mickey when the plan was made, but I like to think he was helping Mickey find his own path - the 'good luck' comment and the following conversation seems to underscore that. (And then Mickey's expression when he turns back to see yet another Doctor/Rose hug… heartbreaking)

Doctor and Mrs Moore in the tunnels - love this scene. Yes, creepy as hell with the Cybermen in cold storage, but the interaction between the two of them is wonderfully done.

Jake and Mickey make a good team, and Mickey really does come into his own here - as they're running over the rooftop Jake's still got the grin on his face but Mickey's all business. And it's Mickey who calls Jake on the gung-ho attitude ("If you kill them, what's the difference between you and the Cybermen?")

Mrs Moore gives up her name pretty quickly to this stranger with only a title. Kinda thought she was a goner in the tunnels,  but then there wouldn't have been the EMP bomb (or whatever it was).

From a technical point of view, the CGI was way too much, felt like padding to me and there was plenty of character development which was otherwise sacrificed to make way for shots like the whirring blades etc. Sometimes I hate the fact I can 'read' TV the way I can, having a media degree is cool - but it doesn't have limit the kind of programmes you can enjoy!

The worst of it was followed by the coolness that was CyberJackie though - I got a real kick out of that bit, but then… why? Why capture them rather than 'upgrade'?

Might have the words "transmitter control" written in Big Red Letters - *giggles*

The Doctor having a moral dilemma over whether he can kill the whole race… irritating but recurrent theme so… "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…" - the New Earth connection has to be obvious here, there he saved them all, here he couldn't. (There's no choice Doctor. It's got to be done.) The rumours that New Earth was going to be the birth of Mondos (original Cybermen home planet) echoes in this theme. Hmmm.)

Mrs Moore's death - inevitable but shocking nonetheless.

Mickey the Idiot saving the day with his mad hax0r skillz… Did love this - and all the while fighting a Cyberman (and tricking it into shutting down the transmitter - nice touch). "That's my friends at work - good boys!" (Is it me or does that have "tin dog" overtones…)

Even as the CyberController Lumic still hams it up.

"I'd call you a genius except I'm in the room."
("Going on the evidence, I've certainly got a gob on me…")
The whole talking out the plot with the MotW is grating a little now. Although giving Mickey and Jake the time needed was cool - and feeding the tips to Mickey through the security system, love it. And although it was an insult, hearing the Doctor say "Idiot" and aiming it at him seems to have become a term of affection for Mickey now. Kinda sweet.

"There's no way, we're leaving them behind!" This is Mickey's show now (and I'm trying to ignore the fact that the download I have has suddenly turned on the visual aid descriptors… *sigh* "Rose, the Doctor and Pete run across the roof as explosions light up the night sky…")

"Welcome to Mickey Smith Airlines, please enjoy your flight."

The CyberController on the ladder… meh. Feels tacked on and an excuse to have some resolution to Pete's character. "Jackie Tyler. This is for her!"

Back to the TARDIS and the power cells are recharged - just in time. I love the fact that Pete pretty much bolts on finding out that Rose is his daughter in another reality. Freaked out but still going to carry on the good fight.

At this point I was actually thinking - do not forget Mickey - 'cause it looked for a minute as if he was going to leave without him.

And here's the crux. Mickey is staying. Rose is completely selfish about it  ("But you can't stay… what if I need you?") The Doctor is a little surprised but it has to be said he is not shocked. I hate the music here - the scene is emotional enough without us having to be told about it.

The goodbye from the Doctor just underscores my belief that the Doctor knew the potential was there in Mickey and seeing it come to fruition has made him proud.

Seeing the TARDIS in Jackie's flat was kinda sweet - but other than the "Where's Mickey?" "He's gone home." It's not a great scene.

Mickey and Jake heading to Paris. Tell me it's subtext again?

I'm not going to say goodbye to Mickey, because I'm holding out hope that he will be back - somehow - but what I will say is this. Here's to you, Mickey Smith, we hardly knew ye..

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