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Beer Bad...

Horribly hungover from a random weekend spent going from the fridge to the computer and the TV. For that read: I did nothing but drink and watch TV all weekend and now I'm paying for it. Went to Subway with engelsteorra for lunch there and before I got near the counter I was hungry, at the counter, looking at the food... not so much...

No one to blame but me though!

And Irn Bru will make all things better... eventually.

My ongoing quest for good Lindsey and/or Connor fic has resulted in this wonderful ficlet from frogfarm You Make Me Feel Like a Whore (no pairing but R rated). Deliciously twisted - go read!

I am up to Bachelor Party on my grand rewatch of Angel and damn do I miss that show?! And Doyle, poor, poor Doyle...

BtVS ficlet rec time - Disappointment from jgracio - warning, will make you giggle like a fool. :)

Someone kick start my muse please? I know I said I'd have fic posted this weekend but it kinda.... never happened. Sorry. *Hopefully* will have something posted soon but I'm not promising anything because my muse is being a fickle bastard at the moment. *glares at muse*

'kay, off to go do something productive for once. No, really. :)
Tags: fic recs, random
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