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So y'all knew my little spate of 'good moods' were too good to last, right? Don't worry though, not getting depressed again, just on a downwards swing of the pendulum right now. People are annoying me intensely and taking the piss. It's irritating me, but not really getting to me - mostly because I'm determined not to let it.

Still, I'm not in the best of moods right at this moment so apologies if I'm a little snappy and/or irritable. I'll get over it.

I did do slightly fun things last night - finally got hold of Life On Mars and watched the first two episodes. The first one started off a little... wooden I guess would be the term, but the accident itself was really well done and amazing how the 1973 world looked so much more... real I guess. Some really irritating things about the show, but if the good keeps up, I may well have a new fandom right there. :) Also watched I Will Remember You - this morning actually - not a particularly favourite episode of mine it has to be said, but still, I miss that show!

Planning on keeping my head down today and just letting this negativity wash over me. It'll be interesting to see if that plan actually works or not.

You know something? I'm going to totally blow my own horn here, but that icon rocks.

Given that

was the original image? I'm really proud of how the icon turned out.
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