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My head... is killing me

Why is it that a phrase I say a lot - and have done all my life - now sounds like Billie Piper in my head... (and is immediately echoed by an eye-roll inducing "I think you need a doctor..."). *le sigh* Fandom is taking over my life.

I have a headache because I have had insanely little sleep. Got home from the gig around quarter to midnight and was a good girl and just went pretty much straight to bed. And didn't sleep. And was still awake at 2am. Finally got to sleep and then woke up again at around... 4.30 ish I think it was. And got up an hour later to get into work. So... I'm insanely tired right now and, in the words of La Piper, "My head is killing me."

Still - gig was a lot of fun - Divine Comedy who I've always kinda liked but never enthused over. Now? I must own every album and EP. :) Epitome of cool, it has to be said, much enjoyment had and a perfect cure for the doldrums I was veering into yesterday. I am so much better now, still ratty at certain people. Ahem. Sorry. Rant avoided...and I really am determined to have something written today and sent to be beta read. No, really. Next chapter of Final Straw is around 2,000 words already with a lot of story still to go (I'm already at 5,096 words of my 10,000 target and with this chapter being the *huge* story chapter it may end up taking me to the target on its own... *g*) And I really, really, really want to get back into the _dontcomehome_ story again. I kinda left them in a bit of a pickle (a phrase I have never used before and hopefully never will again...) and it's been bugging me for a little while now. :)

Now I'm going to make my headache worse by drinking coffee. Can't remember if it causes the brain to swell or shrink - either way, it can't be good. :)
Tags: fic wips, gigs, real life
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