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Where are all the good people dead, in the heart or in the head?

Dear Everybody in the Library,

Bite Me.


Seriously cannot bring myself to care about something that is not my problem and I will not do your job for you. Got it? Good.

I know it sucks when you can't find what you want, but you know what? It sucks to get an email from you pretending to be an idiot in the hopes that I'll take pity on you and find it for you. I will do my job, if what I do and what you want overlap then that is fantastic. If it doesn't? Deal with it. Go home and cry in your pay packet which is oh so much larger than mine.

Yeah... yesterday's depression has now turned into anger. And I have two days of the week to get through. This does not bode well. Although when I'm angry I walk faster and more so it gets me further on the path to being fit. Not much consolation when I'm snarling at you I know, but hey, at least the chances of you having to deal with a heart attack are way down.

This is the kind of day where I need to take the dog and walk along the beachfront with rock music on my mp3 player (which I have no batteries for at the moment so I can't use) and just get it out of my system. Instead I am in this hellhole dealing with people who are trying to wheedle me into doing their jobs for them. Yes, I have issues, why do you ask?

Maybe I should write some torture fic, get it out of me that way. Any suggestions?

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