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Are you my mummy?

The anthem playing as the TV goes off-air? Nice touch.

Maureen!!! Loving it!!

Oooo - nice 'n' creepy here. Going to freak out the kids a little I think...

Nice hair! But Rose, black tights? Really?

"I knew your mum'd be a Cliff fan" - ROFLOL!!! (my mum was a Cliff fan...)

Wasn't the kick-in of technicolour actually '55 rather than '53? Or was that the launch of ITV... God! I'm so sorry Ken, my media history has leaked out of my brain. (course, maybe if Ken Garner had been a better teacher...)

Rose is the smart one - how freaky is that?!

Watch out Russell, your politics are showing again, albeit through the words of Gatiss...

Rose is right about the flag/Jack thing - but how the hell did Rose know?

Granny NoFace. I'm so sorry Nephew 1 - I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you it's all okay...  I know that would have given me nightmares.

"Helluva Right Hook." Heh!

I'm loving the Doctor's hair here - although I am having worrying Daddy issues right now...

Rose is not this smart. How the hell does she know this stuff

And Euros? Loving the off-kilter shots and camera angles, but there's such a thing as 'over-egging the pudding', just, y'know, a heads up for next time...

...and we're right back to season 1, episode 1...

Again I say this, Rose has some freaking good qualities, and she is smarter than she might seem, but. She. Is. Not. This. Smart.

... then again, getting herself trapped? Totally Rose-like. heh!

How many people tried to wrap their hand around their elbow and make their fingers meet? (holds hand up... *g*)

Doctor and Detective Inspecter. Was waiting for the Torchwood reference - it wasn't there. I'm pleased it wasn't.

Rose NoFace. At least the mascara budget's down this week.

The Big Day Dawns - and my head is on the arm of the couch going... oh god, can you feel the melodrama in the room? *sigh*

Puh-lease. Tommy? You'd get a skelp round the lugs in my family for taking up a seat when your mum's perched on the armrest...

"it matters what people think" - welcome to postmodernism folks.

Dad's an informer. Biiiiiig shock. Go Mum! (But again, Russell, we get it - Girl Power and all that...)

And the Doctor's oral fixation comes into play again... licking the handset thing? Puhlease. There's easier ways to identify BacoLite - like say... the look of it?

Angry Talky Doctor. Gotta love it.

Eating the Doctor's electical energy? No Freaking Way.
(Oh this one is tasty! heh!)

"It's never too late. A wise person once said. Kylie I think."

Oh puh-lease. God. Angel. Lonely boy. And now royalty? *le sigh*

Loving Maureen hamming it up here (Feed meeeeeeeeee)

Should've let him fall. Magpie I mean - would've been more poignant (and predictable) for him to plummet.

Mickey saved them by pulling the plug, Tommy saved them by putting it back in... *g*

(love the fact the dog was being brain-sucked by the way...)

Betamax - point of random interest - is actually the better technology. It's just more expensive.

Gags on Ten/Rose shippiness.

Cheers at Mum's declaration of ownership (although, Russell? Politics...)

Up until this episode the Rose h8 has been almost encouraged, and now - with her interaction with Tommy - she's being presented as a sympathetic character who can think for herself. I'm... confuddled.

And next week is the episode I've really been looking forward to - the Satan Pit. Cool!

In short - I loved this episode, so made up for the disappointment of the two-parter episode from the last two weeks...
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