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Enough already...

I have no problem with the English being proud of the fact they won the World Cup in... oh let me think, I've not heard it mentioned in at least ten seconds... oh yeah, that's right: 1966. God knows if we (Scotland) had done the same we would also be crowing about it forty years later, but please. BBC? Stop saying the 'whole country' is behind the team. No, actually, we're not. I wish the England squad all the best, but I live in this country and I am not supporting them. The 'whole nation of England' may be supporting the team (although you'd probably be surprised at how many people just don't care) but the 'country' is Britain. No matter what the PC folk say, most of Scotland is not supporting England. Most of Scotland is supporting the opposition - or, like me, don't actually watch football and don't give a crap. (Although, I know it's the obvious choice, but if I see a Brazil shirt going cheap? *g*)I'm fairly sure the same could be said for Wales, Northern Ireland, hell even the Cornish don't consider themselves to be English - anyone asked them who they're supporting?

Scotland didn't qualify for the World Cup but even if we had, I probably wouldn't care enough to watch much more than the first game.

Some of us just don't care and we are getting increasingly fed up with the British Broadcasting Corporation letting the whole 'national pride' dominate the news. There was an earthquake in Indonesia at the weekend, a lot of things which should have made the news but which were bumped down to make way for the story about the surviving members of the '66 team with their shirts.

Enough already.
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