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Random? Me? Never!

Happy Birthday alltherealicealltherealice! I know you're on a ship in the middle of the ocean somewhere, but y'never know, you might get a chance to see this! I miss our chats honey!

I wasn't in work yesterday afternoon so of course I come back to find a note on my desk saying that someone phoned about the "Journal of Intellectual Property Law" and how they couldn't get access to the 2006 issues of it, could I email her back. Well let me just check the catalogue first, 'kay? Here's what the catalogue says about it:

Journal of intellectual property law
from 1993 to 2005 in HeinOnline

Journal of intellectual property law & practice
from 21/10/2005 to present in Oxford Journals Online  Access unavailable

So yeah, 2006 issues? Not available. Doesn't get much clearer than that does it? I'm used to this type of question from first year students, but the query comes from a subject librarian and is written in the distinctive handwriting of the person who used to do my job and is allegedly capable of finding her way through the catalogue herself (and who is the person who got the automatic promotion to cover maternity leave that I was so ranty about last week. Still not sure if she actually has been promoted or if she's glaiket enough to take on the extra work without any extra money...)

Still, this and the exam papers are the only things vaguely work related I have to do so...

Realised on the drive in this morning that I really have to have 5,000 words of Final Straw posted by Friday or I'll forfeit the joss10k challenge which I really do not want to do (my deadline is actually the 10th of June, I think, but I'm already 2,000 words behind on my promised target for my beta.) I'm not happy with the current chapter - especially since it's supposed to be about Xander (yes, I know, I killed him at the end of chapter one, but still!) but another character is making it all about her. Faith honey? It's not always about you. *g* Plus I have another day claimed for spring_of_cordy which is either this Sunday or next, need to check that, and I actually don't have anything done for it. I know *what* I'm going to do but I haven't started them yet. And then there's Learned From the Best my 43100Kim inspired Vamp!Xander, Angelus (that comma could easily be a slash by the way, just a heads up for you - I don't normally write m/m slash but this story will have elements of it in there), Faith fic which already has the introduction written (plus a later scene is also complete). And I want to cap Idiot's Lantern (Doctor Who episode that was on at the weekend) and finish my Tooth & Claw mood theme (especially since I was asked to make it shareable!) and I kinda want to rework my site hub and maybe even my LJ banner. And then there's the ongoing fics and the Ten/Reinette vid and the Buffy&Faith vid and the Slayers site (still planning on doing that by the way!) and the other sites, and the Africander fics which I still owe and... Yeah. There needs to be more hours in the day.

Oh! The Mbuna Fish Category extended voting will close this Friday with the winners announced on Sunday. If you haven't yet re-cast your vote for this category, please head on over! Thank you!

'kay, other people are starting to trickle into the office now so I guess I should start something resembling work really... :)
Tags: fic wips, flist love, random, work
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