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I have 18 sites

18. Eighteen. How did I end up with so many sites?

I am seriously thinking about cutting them down now so that I can concentrate on the ones that I want to run, the ones I want to maintain - and that includes the ones I have been woefully lax at maintaining in the past.

So, the question is this, is it worth keeping the sites open, is there need/want for them?

I Need a Parrot (will not be going anywhere - don't worry!)
Effects of a Troubled Heart (probably will not be going anywhere, but should it just be a fic archive?)
Hand on Heart (same as Effects - will be staying, but just as an archive?)
White Knight Awards (staying where it is for the moment)
70 Questions for... (one of the sites I'm way behind on updating I'm afraid!)
pointless nostalgic (personal fan art site, this is one of the ones I'm considering getting rid of.)
Moments Captured (I'm... bored with this. It doesn't need to be a site, it's just acting as a hub for the individual episodes. This will probably be going.)
[ chalk it up to hormones ] (staying where it is but I may cut back on the contents)
Did you miss me? (hmmm)
Your new, new doctor (ditto)
Something of the wolf about you (and again)
Let the lesson begin (and again)
Here's to the slow path (and again)
the Stacks so far behind in updates it's not even funny. Also, this was my first ever attempt at building a site - it's jointly run by someone with whom I rarely have any contact any more and it's still marking season six as a spoiler. Should I just bite the bullet and delete it?
the Archives This one never even got off the ground to be honest. Although I am reticent to bid farewell to it for some reason.
Stacks Fiction the stories archived on the site will not be lost, but should I just integrate them into another part of the site?
Stacks Pictures (warning, this contains some of my earliest attempts at fan art. It's... not good.)
Faith Misplaced My own writing archive. With very little on it because I got a little busy doing other things and updates fell by the wayside.

What I am considering doing is splitting my site into fandoms. There will be a Buffy/Angel main site which will link to the various 'sub-sites' but also act as a reference site itself. So the episode guides and character profiles from the Stacks and the Archives will be taken/completed/re-written/written and compiled into a site. From there will be the links to the 'sub-sites' INAP, WKA, Effects..., 70Q, CiutH and HoH. (each of which will retain a unique identity but will link back to the 'main' site) This will also be the link point for the 'Slayers' sub site which I am still planning.

Along the same lines, will be a new Doctor Who dedicated main site which will have episode guides, character profiles and links to the episode galleries.

And I will have a personal main site where I will house my fanart and fic (combining Pointless Nostalgic and Faith Misplaced into one - probably with the PN name 'cause I like it.)

So that will be 3 main sites and six subsites. Nine. Still a lot but it should be more manageable than the current situation. I feel really quite bad that the sites are so far behind on updates - especially the fic site. I'm not sure where to fit that one into the mix - should I just copy the format that exists at the moment (although... better, cause I actually know what I'm doing with web coding now!) or should I have pages dedicated to each writer or what...

I'm kinda just musing right now by the way (and in no way avoiding completing the increasingly difficult chapter of FS!) but hey, input would be much appreciated!
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