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Stop me. Please?Stop me.

Will talk more about DW 2.08 after I've gone back to sleep for a few hours in an attempt to get over the angst and laryngitis that seems to have struck me right now, I loved the episode. smhwpf this one I am very much with you on the whole 'taking their cues from BtVS' this season, 'cause hey when they were standing at the Seal and Ida asked how they could open it, I actually said out loud "sacrificial blood should do it..."

And then I read nostalgia_lj's reaction post and now I want to write a crossover. 'Cause Faith as a Companion? Would so rock.

BTW, this laryngitis thing? annoying as hell. I'm not sick, I don't think, I just have no voice and a burning desire to cough every 15 seconds. Annoying.
Tags: doctor who, me
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