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Cordy? Please, shut up.

Yes, I fully recognise the irony in me writing a Cordy-centric stream of consciousness/thought process and having her constantly rabbiting on in my head but right now I have to get ready for work. I can't write this right now, I have to go...


Oh, and to my lungs, please, stop this coughing. It's annoying as hell and it makes my voice sound all funny. (the cough/laryngitis thing I had at the weekend is now firmly seated in my lungs making me cough almost constantly, making me not really able to breathe properly and still giving me a wonky voice. This is so much fun, no really.)

I've been a bit absent over the last couple of days because I keep curling up on the couch and waking up four or five hours later wondering why it got so cold/dark/what happened at the end of whatever programme I was watching when I fell asleep. Should be able to catch up over the day - honest!

(pretty icon is by frontyardninja by the way!)

To do list for today
Finish, get beta'ed and post Cordy fic for spring_of_cordy
Finish chapter 2 of Final Straw and get it beta'ed
Make some headway with chapter 3 of Final Straw - that 10K deadline is looming and I'm only halfway...
Flesh out Learned From the Best and maybe get some of it written

ETA Best. Thing. Ever. (comparison of Cap'n Mal and the Tenth Doctor in pictures. (Spoilery for every episode of Firefly and every aired-in-the-UK episode of Doctor Who s2))
Tags: fic wips, health
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