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Yo! Booster!

booster17 - you really need to know about this!


New Doctor Who fic comm nostalgia_lj and th_esaurus have set up to show the DW fic world there's other flavours besides vanilla...

I know there are some damn good smut and kink writers on my flist - feel like turning your hand to Doctor Who? The fandom needs you!!!!

(and random squee- Kitchen Confidential. Paramount Comedy 1 right now. This is an episode I haven't seen, it's the last one aired in the States and I did have it downloaded but I just... hadn't watched it yet because I didn't want it to be over. I'm sad, I know. I love this show. Why did it get canned and How I Met Your Mother got renewed? Why?)

OH! And I haven't recced them here dammit! If you're not on the pygs_lj yet you totally should be, but you'll have missed my recs of th_esaurus's Doctor Who/Firefly crossover fics - go - read - stand back in awe!
Tags: doctor who, fandom
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