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no, not the number of words I've written today, rather that is the number of "mail undeliverable" emails I have just cleared out of the moments-lost email accounts. 2,875. And the really bad news is that some of them came in today meaning that the malicious mailer script is still buried in the site somewhere.

I will find it and get rid of it, but I keep coming back to the question "Is it worth it?".

I know, knee-jerk reaction, but right now with the stress last night and with the extremely irritable mood I'm in right now (lack of sleep makes for a very bitchy Sho, just FYI) and knowing that this is exactly what I went through six months ago - hell, almost to the date - I really don't know if keeping an automated archive is worth it.

edit I'm coming to the very painful conclusion that it is too much stress for it to be fun anymore. I know this is an immediate reaction and I need time to really weigh it up, but it just... isn't fun. And it's taking me away from the things that are fun and right now I'm finding that hard to forgive. I have switched off submissions on INAP right now and will be doing the same foe Effects... and HoH tonight. I'll be backing up the sites, removing the problems, and then I will make a decision. This is not an easy decision to make so it will not be done quickly. That wouldn't be fair on anyone. end edit

new total at 13:41, once I break that 8,000 mark I should be set, it's just being a bastard right now.
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