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Ho Hum

I really should stop updating this thing when I'm at work - it just reminds me how much I dislike this place.

Okay, no moaning about the job, it sucks, I'm dealing.

Onto more fun things - it was kinda scary how much basic coding I'd forgotten in less than a month! I went to archive the fics for the challenge last night and I couldn't remember how to link to the css file. Really scary. After I'd done it once it all came flooding back but up till that point I was just about hitting my head of my desk wondering just what happened to all those brain cells...

And I did it again, I was bored with the music I have in the car so I dug out an album I hadn't heard for a while and was instantly jumped on by three plot bunnies. I'm doing my best to keep them contained at the moment because I have so many other things to do but one of them keeps looking at me with these huge sad eyes and saying "but I fit in with one of your other stories...".

Damn plot bunnies! Is there such a thing as Plot Bunny Miximatosis?
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