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I Need A Parrot

I get first dibs on a huge reading listI rarely have time to read anything on the site 
I am someone because of itI am someone because of it
I have made some amazing friends because of itI have made some enemies because of it
It runs itself because of the scriptIt is a target for hackers because of the script
It provides a space for new writersIt gives space to people who possibly shouldn't be writing
I don't have to code the pages by hand so it saves timeI was up until 3am this morning going through thousands of files with a fine tooth comb.
I almost swore at my 2 year old niece last night when all she wanted to do was talk to her Auntie Sho (she actually calls me Sho, no one in RL does that so I've no idea where she picked it up from) and I cried at work today because of this site. Twice.
 I take things like this personally - as an attack on me.

So... I'm compiling a pros and cons list for INAP. I have not made a decision yet, despite what I was saying earlier. My reaction earlier was based on my view of myself as a victim of malicious hackers. I refuse to be a victim. Now I just have to work out what the best thing for me is,

As it stands, it is a genuine possibility that there will be huge changes to INAP.
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