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Welcome to my psychosis

I wonder sometimes if I'm addicted to drama. It always seems to find me so I wonder, do I actively seek it out? I am, and always have been, sensitive. I take things on board far more than a normal well-adjusted person would, but then, what is well-adjusted? Is anyone 'well-adjusted'? It sounds as if it might be the result of a potentially painful process. "Sit back madam, just a few more adjustments to go. Here, bite down on this piece of wood while we get on with it. It'll stifle the screams."

See? My brain is an odd place to be.

I haven't decided about INAP yet, I will reply to all of the comments later, but for now I'm just... not thinking about it to be honest. I'm taking a break from being a webmistress for the weekend and it's like a weight's been lifted.

I have 1,041 words to go before I hit the target for Final Straw - which must be posted by midnight to meet my deadline - aaaand I'm watching the lamest programme ever on TV right now. (50 Greatest Celebrity Animals, I cried when they showed the announcement of Shep's death) and waiting for Doctor Who to start in quarter an hour (which'll mean at least two hours out of tonight devoted to that) so I'm going to be finishing this later on tonight and I'm going to have to force myself not to give the story a DW flavour...

Why do I do this? I always leave things till the very last minute and then stress about it. Again I come back to my "am I addicted to drama?" question. Where does the word Deadline come from? I'm thinking it's a naval term for some reason (spot the girl who grew up surrounded by naval brats...) but if anyone knows, please enlighten me!

Okay, I'm rambling now about nothing. See? Procastinating. It's an art.
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