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Spamming, 'cause I can.

Soooo bored right now and even though I've got two Word docs open (Final Straw 3 and Nexus 2) I'm so not in the mood for writing. (And I'm trying to ignore the little outline I have for DW related stories (which have probably been written by now anyway, but I still want to give 'em a shot) - the 'captain so afraid of command' etc back stories... Really want to do them, but have way too much else on.) And of course the damn song I have storyboarded for a DW vid is now on my MP3 player, it's like a conspiracy!

Even though the sites are in a worse state than they were last week, I am actually not as stressed about them as you might expect. In fact, there's a definite lack of stress which would almost be worrying were it not for the fact that I decided last week to stop getting so damned stressed about it - and also because I'm afraid to say I haven't finalised my decision on the future of the sites yet so...

I am now being insanely random and am having deep DW thoughts, which doesn't bode well for the BtVS and AtS fics I'm supposed to be writing. I haven't done a review thingy yet for Satan Pit yet, I know, I want to marshall my thoughts about it some more before I post anything more than this  As the episode was airing, I posted that it was probably my favourite episode yet, and then came the killer blow. The "If I believe in anything..." bit. I hated that. Actively - and vocally - hated it. So what do I now think of the episode? I... don't know. I want to ignore the obvious RTD additions but then again he is the show runner so if I ignore what he adds then I have to stop watching and I'm not ready to do that yet. I love this show, I am still clinging to the belief that there is a reason for the whole... gah!ness this season. There has to be, right?

Other interesting stuff (to me anyway), I took liz_marcs' advice and treated myself this weekend, I bought popcorn and Budvar and I did nothing but watch TV shows I hadn't seen before which were gathering dust on my hard drive (I know, they can't really gather dust but...). I finally got to see Blackpool. I loved it! First episode was ropey - the segues into the musical numbers were in dire need of some WD40 they were so creaky, but from ep 2 on? I loved it! edit Speaking of Blackpool... booster17 has just posted this Doctor Who/Blackpool crossover ficlet. Sehr Gut. (I have no idea why I slipped into German there, that's a little... odd!) end edit

Okay, lunch is almost over so I should get back to copying four letter codes from one spreadsheet to another. 'Cause it's just so much fun...

(I really need to finish off this mood theme, really!)

a other edit... Someone really needs to kick me when zeppo_stillness stuff needs posted. I have the worst memory for that ever and again missed posting the winners and new challenge. I know, it's not like I don't have enough to do anyway, but this only really takes half an hour at most - less if I don't make new blanks... I am lame.

I am insanely bored right now at work and have been spamming monkey_matt with increasingly random emails. (He's sitting like four desks away from me, 'tis funny...) Wanna see?

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From: Shona
Sent: 12 June 2006 14:23
To: Matthew

So the reason for the CAPSLOCK OF DOOM!!!!!1!!Eleven!! is because I am typing in four letter codes into the end of default URLs for Newsbank newspapers.

I am currently at Taiwan in the country list so at least it'll be over soon, but I literally snorted with lafter there. The code for the Taipei Times is TPTB.

I'm currently writing the next part of Nexus, my Cordy fic, and she's been ranting about the "Powers That Be Useless..."

Fandom ated my brains....

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From: Matthew
Sent: 12 June 2006 14:25
To: Shona
Subject: RE:

Ok - even for you that was really, really random...



I think I may have had a leeetle too much caffeine today... (And I didn't actually mean to misspell 'laughter' in there, bizarre how my brain spelled it phonetically without any input from me!)
Tags: boredom, doctor who, fic wips, recs
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