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Buh-bye efiction

INAP's been hacked again. My entire site is down and I'm trying to get it reactivated so that I can get rid of the malicious mailware. In case anyone else is having trouble with an efiction site - here's Symantec's page on the virus that was uploaded.

What this means is I will no longer be using efiction, it's far more trouble than it's worth so it's gone. INAP, FX and BX all run on efiction right now and it will not be a problem converting the latter two to a non-automated archive. However. That's part of the beauty (and I think the attraction) of INAP, that it is automated and authors can see the results straight away. So I am kinda putting the feelers out right now.

1 - do I give up INAP altogether if someone else comes forward willing to run an efiction archive (with all the headaches that go with it)
2 - do I use another automated fic archiving tool ( the only other one I'm aware of is Automated Archive which I've been wary of in the past because it just seems to be an open invite for hackers - anyone else used it with any level of success?)
3 - do I convert INAP and all existing stories to a manually updated site (and if so, would anyone web-savvy be willing to help me out with that?)
4 - do I convert INAP to a manually updated site and start again. From scratch.
5 - do I convert INAP to a manually updated site and weed through the existing stories and cut the ones which shouldn't be there?
6 - (thanks to liz_marcs for this suggestion) 're-brand' INAP as a 'links' archive rather than hosting the stories themselves. Authors provide links to their stories and they are verified by moderators and added into a (hopefully searchable if my PHP/MySQL skills can handle it) database.
7 - is there another option?

I am not keeping eficition on my server, I plan to use this domain for my own - potentially income generating - ends in the near future and I am sick to the back teeth of hackers getting in through this script.

So... suggestions? Reactions?

(other news, Drammy is actually better today - the weather has cooled down a little so the heat may have been affecting him as well as his advancing years)
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