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World Cup's on, my adopted team (along with most of Scotland's - Trinidad & Tobago) are playing England.

Can someone give me commentary that isn't... this?!

I'm not a football fan normally, I only have a vague understanding of the offside rule, so I kinda need the commentary to tell me what's happened... it'd be good to have commentary that is, y'know, unbiased...

I get that the English fans want to hear this, I do, but I really do not want to hear it.

"I think you'll find only one Commonwealth nation has beaten England. Australia" Um, excuse me?! Youse have had yer teeth handed to you quite a few times by another Commonwealth nation. Just to the North of youse.

*goes off to see if Radio Scotland are providing commentary*

It's slightly amusing that - at 69 minutes - the ITV commentary has started with the whole "that's good defending by Carlos"... me thinks they're starting to realise they're going to be lucky if England win this... (and if I've just jinxed it for T&T, I'm so sorry!)

ETA and completely randomly, a Star Wars: EU *squee!*. Tim Zahn is writing a new EU book, Allegiance. Set between ESB and RotJ. With Mara. (think season three Faith and you might get why I'm stoked). Maybe, just maybe, there'll be some more glimmers of MJ's back story before she became the Emperor's Hand...
Tags: world cup annoyances
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