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random drive by posting

I have almost decided about INAP, I'm just looking into some options to see how workable it will be. The site will be back though, in a different format. I will be looking for admin help on it, but that can wait for the moment until I judge whether it'll work or not, but it'll be back.

The slightly bad news about it is this, it is going to take time to get back on its feet. A lot of time, but I'd rather have it done right (and securely) than rush out with a half-baked site which will only end up causing more problems than it solves. So, thank you all for your patience and support, it is greatly appreciated, and I know I don't always say that because I don't always have the words to do so. Thank you all.

I'm feeling restless right now, which usually results in me starting some other project that'll never get finished or will drag on for far too long and just end up stressing me out more, but something about me right now knows that I'm not going to do that this time, it's odd, maybe I'm finally turning into a grown up or something. (Instead of the tall kid holding a beer...)

I have a bunch of stuff I need to get today, I was considering carpeting my hall but now I'm thinking I might get long rugs for it instead, either way it means using sis's car (MPV thing which is roomy enough but has a smaller engine than mine. I drive an old Fiesta. How can an MPV move on the road with a 1.2 engine? It's just... insane!) which means I'll lose pretty much the whole of today because even though she said she'd be ready by 12, I'm going to go up there and one (or more) of the kids won't be ready, we'll finally leave her house around... 2, maybe. Get something to eat, go for the three things I need and then have me try to talk her out of buying stuff she a)doesn't need and b)can't afford and then by the time we get back to her place it'll be around 6ish and I'll be lucky to get home in time for Doctor Who. Why does visiting her seem like a chore? Family shouldn't be this much like hard work should it?

And - just to completely confirm the randomosity of this post - I treated myself to the Best of Nina Simone cd yesterday at Tescos and I found it highly amusing that they were so desperate to get shot of the new Keane (Keane - they SUCK!) album that they were pushing it on everyone who hovered near the music department, and when I got to the till the woman said "You know there's an offer on, if you buy any chart CD you get the Keane one half price?" I barely restrained myself from pointing out that the fact I was buying Nina Simone should have been enough of a clue that I actually have some taste in music and wouldn't be seen dead with a Keane CD anywhere in my possession... *g*

Right, I'm off to her place now. Maybe if I get there a little early she'll be ready. (Yes, that kind of backwards logic works in my family, we're strange.)

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