the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

So I was going to wax lyrical some more about my love for Love and Monsters, but nostalgia_ljteh nos' does it so much better. I'm still going to write some kind of review/meta about it once my brain kicks into gear but right now, I'm standing back and applauding nos's insights.

Anyways... know how I was saying how restless I was feeling on Saturday? It's kinda boiling down into a sullen resentment about working here. So yes, I am going to be a cow today so just a heads up for anyone thinking of contacting GUL about an electronic journal problem - I will snap and most likely call you an idiot the moment I hang up. (wouldn't do it to your face, my customer service training's too good for that.) so... I should keep my head down and just try to get through the day, shouldn't I? It's the weather I think, we had a definite change at the weekend where it went from being gloriously sunny to being muggy and rainy and bleuch so it kinda threw my plans out of whack - I was going to actually cut the grass before it fell over under its own weight, and I was going to put weedkiller down on the gravel at my driveway. I got neither of them done and now the grass has fallen over. At least it looks flat now. (you think I'm kidding, I'm not.)

I should do something productive that I'll enjoy, finish something fandom related, maybe that would get me out of this funk but... I'm decidedly uninspired and even the shortest of my WIPs (Nexus, only has three more parts to go) just doesn't want to play along. But on the other hand I don't want to start anything new (and I could easily start on the DW ficlets on my brain) because then I'll just get annoyed at my magpie-like tendancies and stop writing them too.

And the internet is boring me now, that's how restless I am. Plus, my determination not to actually start work until 9am went out the window at 8:30 with the fact that yet again no one checked the shared email inbox. What's the damn point in having a shared inbox if no one but me checks the frelling thing?! I should start a new rule, not even to open my work email until 9.

Random here - last year we had pens made up with the library name and URL on it for promotional purposes. The pens have blue print on them and a blue end cap but they have black ink. That's just... wrong.

And finally, I loved Love and Monsters.

ETA Gorgeous new icon is by quarkz
Tags: doctor who, random, work
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