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Woo Hoo!

ETA Happy birthday smhwpf !!!!!!!!

Got Alone All Along finished last night! Yay! It's a follow up to All Of Me which is on various sites - XanderZone, INAP, Moments Lost and a few others as well.

All Of Me is set immediately after Chosen and I wrote it within a week of seeing the episode. I originally started to write it as a stream of conciousness dealing with grief story from Xander's perspective but then Faith found her way in and the shipper in me took over. It's a little angsty but ultimately optimistic. They deal, they grow closer, they understand each other better.

I started to write the follow up last November, again trying to write it from Xander's pov but Faith wormed her way in again. I can't quite remember right now why I didn't finish it at the time but it sat in a notebook, under 500 words since then. And then I had an idea for another story which would pick up on All Of Me and I realised a good linking point would be to finish Alone All Along. So I did, last night, I wrote until 2am and I'm so happy with it!

It's not sweet, the quiz I took a few days ago pretty much nailed me because this is all about the angst. Poor Faith! Poor screwed up Xander! Poor Giles... oh wait, that's the next part! < grin >

I'm going to beta it myself I think, and should have it posted soon!
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