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to-do list

Good grief I spam a lot on this thing don't I? Sorry!

To do list
1 - cook pizza.
2 - fix the saturation on that wallpaper because it hurts my eyes.
3 - finish off portfolio for job application. (half done, I added to it rather than finished it. Tonight, for real)
4 - realise my CV is completely out of date and re-do it. (Yeah. I really need to do that...)
5 - remember pizza is in the oven and try to rescue it before it's completely wrecked.
6 - finish Doctor Who/Veronica Mars ficlet (not shippy, honest!) and start one of the other ones. Probably the DW/AtS one. (didn't even open the .doc file. Got caught up watching the second Cybermen episode on BBC3)
7 - start icons for 100days100icons (5/100 done)

*nods* yeah, that's more or less doable.
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