the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

tooo tired to beeee here....

2:54 this morning. Again with the 'around 3 am' thing, but this is the first time I remember it being before 3am. When I find out what it is that's waking me up so early I'm going to throttle someone/something/whatever. It really wouldn't be all that bad if it wasn't for the fact that my alarm goes off two and a bit hours later. So it's not even like splitting my sleep pattern in two, it's decimating it. So now I'm going to be yawning all day and propping myself up on caffeine a lot. Just as well I stopped off at the garage and got milk this morning then...

Got a lot of what I wanted to get done done last night, plus signed the petition to let LJ know we're not all that happy with them right now. I don't actually have much of a problem with the changes as they stand - although the new info pages are truly fugly and Vox? Hello? Permanent account here... - but the lack of consultation, the extreme back-handedness of it all just irks me. So I followed nwhepcat's lead and added my year of birth to my profile and added "lj not vox" to my interests (still not coming up as a link though - odd that...). If you've not heard about it, basically it seems that LJ's new parent company 6apart are attempting to re-brand LJ to bring it into the teen market in direct competition with MySpace, and are introducing a new blogging site called Vox aimed at the older user. Like I say, I don't really have a problem with this as it stands, it doesn't affect my account really, but the redesign of the public pages that seems to be going along with this rebrand is ill-advised to say the least.

Anyways... got some writing to do today, it was the one thing off my list I never touched last night. So Veronica is still sitting in her car wondering just what the hell that noise was... I should get to it really. Oh, quick question. How common are storms in Southern California - I'm talking serious storms, wind, rain, thunder etc. Not hurricaine level, but definitely gales. Common enough not to be all that remarkable or something odd?

Today's to do list
1 - delete old usage stats from the Q drive (this is the sole piece of actual work I have to do...) Damn, that took less time than I thought it would...
2 - finish VM/DW ficlet
3 - start/finish AtS/DW ficlet
4 - work on any other ficlets that demand to be written
5 - (at home) finalise portfolio/CV
6 - finish T&C mood theme

Doable, I think.

Oh - and lookit this!

Yay!! Chapter 3 will be coming along soon, but I did it! Go Team Me! (the banner's acting as a link to the fic by the way - and I am so behind on the comments, sorry!)

And I realised last night that I'm making a huge mistake with the icons I'm making for 100days100icons - I've started at the end of the two episodes and am working backwards. Which means if I want to post them sequentially, then I kinda have to have all 100 done by the weekend. Or start at the beginning and meet myself somewhere in the middle.
Tags: fic wips, lj, to do list, work
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