the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

not the best start to the day...

The weather is decidely crap today - this is supposed to be midsummer, dammit! - and I'm not exactly feeling healthy right now. Not enough sleep and not eating properly, plus I'm pushing myself a little too hard training wise. The run is in less than twenty days and I'm not ready for it yet. On the other hand, I still have nearly twenty days to get ready and pushing myself to run every day is only going to cause me problems in the long run (pun intended). I know this, but still I go out there every day. Course, if the wind and rain keep up like this I'll be on the treadmill tonight rather than on the streets, but that's probably worse...


The real reason I started this post was not actually to bitch, honest. I thought I should keep everyone up to date with the latest on INAP. As you'll be able to see from that page, there's a basic place holder up there at the moment saying it's down for repairs. Well, last night I installed the latest version of efiction - this is not a permanent thing, and it's not on the same domain so it will not be accessable to everyone - and will spend the next little while going through the stories (currently in a folder on my computer at home) and re-uploading those that can be reuploaded. What this will give me is a full archive of everything that was on INAP at the point I had to take it down. No new submissions or alterations (or new sign ups) will be accepted on the efiction archive site and what I'll do is gradually convert that archive into stable HTML files and then remove the efiction script. At the same time, I will (with a little help, hopefully) be coding up a new interface which will allow authors to submit links to completed works elsewhere on the web. These links will be entered into a searchable database and will be checked on a regular basis to limit the number of deadlinks and URL changes. I am considering offering a limited *.txt archive service for those who genuinly cannot archive elsewhere but that will be the very last thing I add to the site.

The big change is going to be this: on its relaunch, INAP will only accept completed stories. (And, I should add, stories of a set standard and above - I'm not going to insist on stories being beta read because some of the best writers out there don't consistently use beta readers, but stories with txt spk, bad spelling and grammar and the like, will not be archived.)

I'm rambling a little, I will phrase this out a little better and contact all authors who have stories on the site to let them know about this, but I thought I'd give you an idea of what the current situation with the site is. It will take a lot of time unfortunately, but it is in no way abandoned.
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