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My head's burstin' right now and I've nowhere to vent... oh wait, I have LJ don't I?!

So Dram is actually getting better for the most part but he's still not himself so it's off to the vet again on Friday to make sure there's nothing serious going on and it's just him getting old. (He's 12, he's a Westie, he's an old man now, it's just this change has been so abrupt that it's a little scary). So I ask for (and get) Friday off work, I think, yay, I can get some fandom stuff done in the afternoon and maybe even catch up with the housework. Then I remembered I had to phone sis to tell her I'd gotten the stupid PS1 game she wanted for Eldest Nephew and I happened to say when I was on the phone, "Is it 9.30 or 10.30 the vet opens on Fridays?" She latches on and says "Oh, you're off on Friday, could you babysit for me then?"

And I agreed.

There was a proviso, that it'd only be for an hour or so, but we agreed that the last time she asked this (it was the day the iconfic150 Faith drabbles were due and I had the day off to finish them) and I ended up sitting in their house (which kinda... stinks a little) watching DVDs and trying not to let Niece draw all over my notepad for three or four hours.

I should never tell her anything.

Oh, and then lullabelle_lullabelle_ phoned through from Enquiries about an ejournal we should have access to but don't. I can't find why and since it's part of a package, I take it to the boss who shrugs and basically does bugger all. So I still don't know what the deal is with this thing and I'm giving it another hour before I go back in and tell boss that. I know she's going to ask me to check every single title on the list - around 1250 I think.

so yeah, my head's burstin' and I'm stuck in here for another... three hours today. And it's too meh to even go outside and grab some fresh air at break. (Plus, the back door where I park near is out of commission anyway so I have to walk right round the block to get to my car...)

Y'know something, ever since reading the MsScribe tale I keep thinking are people going to think I'm playing the sympathy card whenever I post something like this. *sigh* Fandom has wrecked my brain.
Tags: random rant, work
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