the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Great, now I'm going to be stuck with deep thoughts all day...

Chicken was yummy by the way - I did a whole citrus/chilli/red wine type thing (not quite following monkey_matt's recipe but pretty much inspired by it - would have been even better with some red onion roasted in with it I think, just to sweeten it a little but not overpower it). There's leftovers for tonight and I'm going to make stock and have my big soup pot full of chicken soup over the weekend. See? I can cook. I just hate the cleaning up part... *g*

Uploading the stories to the INAP archive was quicker than I thought it would be, although I am a little worried that they didn't all download from the server in the first place. Each author has a folder containing the *.txt files of their bios and their stories. There are less than 500 folders but according to the site there should be 524. I hope nothing's been lost but right now I can't guarrantee it unfortunately. What's left to do with it is to go through the files, weed out any ones with the glaring errors (like missing chapters, text not displaying etc) and see what I'm left with.

Aaaaand, inspired by a flocked post elsewhere on LJ, I'm having deep Doctor Who thoughts about season two and identity crises. It's been a while since I went all meta on the show so I'll probably cobble what's on my brain together and try to post something about it before the next episode - 'cause I already think that's going to have a real impact (on the 'backing me up' front) from that episode (Fear Her). Also, on the drive in this morning I was stuck behind a Honda Civic (I used to defend them when the Top Gear lads slagged them off, but now? Everyone who drives a Honda Civic should be banned from the roads at the times when anyone else wants to drive anywhere...) and singing along (badly) to the radio. Razorlight's Somewhere Else came on. I think I have it at home somewhere, which is just as well because - even though I still haven't finished (or even really started) the "You Could Be Happy" one - I am storyboarding a vid to it in my head.


Right, off to do someone else's job for a while (she tried to teach me how to catalogue yesterday, I was struggling to keep a straight face - I was an intensive Marc coder for two years and still catalogue on a semi-regular basis. She types with two fingers... </library geekdom>) and compile my deep thoughts. What? I can have deep thoughts...
Tags: doctor who, inap, me
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