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Ow. Ow. Ow.

I used to get really bad cramps in my legs at night. I took some medication for it but one of the side effects was that it gave me hot flushes. Since I was 18 at the time I really didn't want to feel like a menopausal woman (especially since my family on my mum's side actually has a history of early menopause and the warning signals are something I've been aware of since I was 14). So I stopped taking the pills and instead started eating saltier foods. I'm crap at the medical facts, but leg cramps can be a sign of salt deficiency so it's one way to prevent them.

The leg cramps faded into a painful memory and then became a joke "You remember those nights I'd wake up the entire house with my screaming? Ha ha!" And then I stopped eating so much salt because my blood pressure was a little high (nothing worrying but since my mum lived with heart disease and hypertension most of her life it's something I have to be aware of) and to be honest because I don't really like salt all that much. I don't add salt to the water I cook my potatoes, rice or pasta in, I rarely add it after cooking. Hell, I even stopped putting it in my cheesy eggs and I usually cook from scratch so salt kinda disappeared from my diet. And then I started training for the run and drinking more water as a result so what little salt I do take in is leaving my body almost straight away.

I'm paying for it now.

Ow. Ow. Ow!

Two nights ago - four times I was awake screaming and flailing about watching the muscles on the back of my legs contract. If it wasn't so frelling sore it'd be kinda fascinating. Each time I managed to relax the muscle and rotate my ankle a bit, got back to sleep only to wake up a couple of hours later and have to do the whole thing again.

So all day yesterday I had a hell of an ache in my leg, but I figured it wasn't too bad so I went for a (slightly shorter than normal) run and eased through it. It seemed okay, still achey but not sore.

Last night, six times I was awake screaming. And now both legs aren't just achey, they're sore, and my shoulder's trying to cramp up as well. I really am falling apart aren't I? So not going to be at the computer much today, not going running, I'm going to have a long hot bath with some Radox muscle soak and I'm going to eat pretzels. Lots of pretzels.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

ETA engelsteorra? Neil Hannon's going to be on Jonathon Ross' radio show on Radio 2 at some point between now (10:10) and 1 - thought you might want to know.
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