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but it's all... scary!

So finally I get around to loading the video editing software onto the laptop 'cause I watched the ep I'm wanting to vid last night (slight quibble, when Reinette goes through the tapestry she hears her own voice through the speakers - how? The fireplace was 'offline' so did her voice carry all the way through from that room to the ballroom? Hmmm?) But anyway... opened up the programme and... got scared.

It's all... scary! There's all these palettes and I don't know what they do and they all have weird names and sliders...

I do remember thinking the same about Photoshop when I first started using it so it's just a matter of me playing about with it and seeing what it's capable of (Premiere Pro 7.0 by the way) and going through some tutorials I think.

Right now though, it's scary.

Oh - and like many of you - I have a GJ journal which I might start using as a backup in case LJ explodes.
Tags: doctor who, lj, vidding
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