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One Bright Shining Moment

So I watched Angel again, I did watch The Girl In Question and it had some funny lines I guess but it's still the worst episode I've seen (yup, it annoys me even more than Billy did.)

Onto Power Play then...

Wow. Very bitty, trying too hard but still wow., in a way For one bright shining moment I almost saw how good this show used to be, and coudl still be. I know there's one episode left (that only really struck me this morning) but there's still time to pull it from the fire.and go out in a blaze of glory.

I was bored around halfway through and went to make coffee, came back and the plot hadn't moved on all that far. The twist wasn't all that much of a twist - sorry guys, saw it coming from before the opening credits - but it gives me a modicum of hope that there's been some point to the whole thing.

Hamilton being more powerful than Illyria bugs me, if thats the only payoff from the power-zapping thingy in TimeBomb then I'm going to revise my opinion of the earlier episode (I liked it a lot). Illyria trying to walk in the world but not knowing why s kinda endearing I guess, the scene with her and Drogan was quite cute, but it's been going on too long now. Resolution people! Or at least move the plot forward a little.

I think that might be my problem with Angel at the moment. It feels like it's treading water instead of fighting against the tide which is what I think the writers are trying to make us feel. Too many plot points, too many stroies, too much left to do and now they're going to solve all that in one fell swoop by having them decide this is a kamikaze mission for that one bright shining moment.

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