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Numpties. Everywhere. Surrounded by numpties!

Idiot driving a red Nissan Micra (old one) pulled out in front of the guy in front of me, causing him to pull out and overtake her or ram straight into her. I figured she'd just misjudged the distance and since I had the time to slow down enough not to cause an accident, I didn't pass her. Oh how I wish I had.

Every single junction she slowed down to a crawl (without using her brakes), there's a roundabout on my way home which the road I was on has the right of way. She stopped. There were no stop signs, no give way signs, no nothing. Signs for our road being the major road but there being a crossroads ahead are there to give an indication that we don't stop. She stopped. And then, when I finally had enough clear space to pass her, she fucking accellarated to try and prevent me overtaking! And then... a tractor. Which was only for about a half mile so it wasn't too bad. And then. Another numpty who slowed to a crawl for every single corner...


So I've come to the decision that real life is far more stressful than life online. *nods* (feeling less wiped out by the way)

I have a favour to ask. I do not have a scientific mind at all, (and yes, I'm aware that's a perfect set up for a 'are you sure you have a mind full stop?' comment...) so I need a little help. Some hideously difficult - potentially infamously so - mathematical or physics problem. Can anyone name me one?
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