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I'm like a bat here!

I don't have my glasses. I *think* they're on the couch at home, trouble is that's 32 miles away from where I'm at right now and I have a full day's work to get through. (Well, when I say 'work'... ) So this is going to be fun. My sunglasses are prescription though, so I guess I could wear them if I'm really struggling but since there are no windows to speak of in this office?

Ah well, could be worse.

And hey - my day's gotten off to a great start already, the ever-wonderful liz_marcs posted an offer to compile a mini soundtrack for fandom characaters. I suggested Rose Tyler and this is the result. I had heard about the Dean Gray thing but not actually heard it before, I'm listening to it now and trying so hard not to laugh out loud. (Although I think the fact my head was on the desk and my shoulders were shaking a second ago might have given it all away a little...) and the 'Everyman's Daughter' track? Has the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. Just perfect. Liz is still taking requests here if you have another fandom/character you'd like to have their own soundtrack.

My 'choose your own companion for the Doctor' ficlets have expanded a lot. The Veronica Mars one is proving surprisingly difficult to complete, writing Veronica is fine, writing the Doctor (Ten, still can't get Nine's voice down) is fine, writing them in the same setting? Brain implosion. However the one I started yesterday afternoon (and was the reason for the random maths/phyics question) is very, very, very fun to write and has the dangerous leanings of being a fic, not a ficlet. And I still have 8 more planned, that'll be fun!

Oh - thedothatgirl, I was going to email you (and probably will later this afternoon but my sieve memory might make it tomorrow before it actually gets sent) about this. What programme do you use to generate clips? I know I could do it in Premiere Pro but it's such a resources hog that I know there has to be a better (and less processing-power-gobbling) way of doing it? (I found a 'what's new' demo video thing on the Adobe site and am a little more au fait with how it all works now).

Tags: doctor who, fic wips, flist love, vidding
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