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on early morning procrastination

Over the last week or so I've been getting up later than I used to every morning. Around an hour later most days actually so that's about half six and I've had what seemed like copious amounts of time to get everything done, showered, coffee'd, dog walked, dog fed, me fed, dressed and at work around 8ish. (some days it's been quarter past but that's the beauty of flexi time). Today? I was awake five minutes before my alarm went off at 5.25 so instead of going through the whole snooze routine, I got up. And procastinated. And then spent the last five minutes in the house flaffing about trying to get dressed and drink coffee at the same time as the dog was in the garden because I hadn't left myself enough time to take him for a proper walk. And now I'm at work, with hair that looks like rats tails and I'm starving because I didn't have time for breakfast either. How? I was out of bed an hour earlier than ysterday? How come I had less 'real' time than I did then? It's like some weird temporal disturbance that focuses solely on me.

I've come to the conclusion that people who apologise for nothing annoy me intensely. And since I'm one of those people I'm annoyed with myself. (You know the kind of person I mean, someone else walks into them on the street and they're the one to apologise? I do it all the time, and then I get all ranty talking to myself on the street "Like it was my fault, why do I always do that? It's not like I'm invisible or something..." and then I realise that people around me are edging away from the crazy woman talking to herself and checking for a reflection in the shop window... *g*) But seriously, annoys me.

Another thing that annoys me, and this is actually work related so you can skip past if you haven't already... things the library pays a staggering amount of money for (I'm talking five figures here, if not six) take forever to fix if there's a problem. Something we get free? Fixed within three hours of me contacting the person yesterday. I am in no way belittling the nice people at the Kodai Mathematical Journal, because they are absolute stars for getting the authentication set up so quickly, but the people at Ovid? Take note. It's been almost twelve months. You suck.

I am in a decidely random mood today aren't I? It's the lack of food I think, I may have to raid the vending machine for a Mars bar or something - it helps you work, rest and play after all - and yes I know it's not the healthiest thing I could be eating, but it'll get me through to lunch without going crazy and falling over.

I'm facing a bit of a dilemma with the little Doctor Who ficlets I'm writing, they weren't meant to take this long for a start, and they were meant to be drabbles. Ficlets at the most. One of them has exploded into 1707 words at the last count and it aint finished yet. Should I abandon the other eight and a half and just concentrate on finishing that one or should I just accept that I am never going to be able to write anything shorter than 2000 words and get them all done? (And yes, I know I have written drabbles in the past - and am quite proud of most of them - but since these are completely new situations they're kinda... hard to constrain to 100 words and once I go over that they spiral into multiple pages... *g*) I'm going to go over the almost finished one today and hopefully get the Veronica one done as well - god knows I've got no actual work to do today - so I guess we'll see. Plus, I meant to have the new layout completed for WKA by today, it's engelsteorra's last day tomorrow and pub/photoshop are not a good mix so I'm not going to get any of that done tomorrow and Saturday is the 1st of July... Tonight. I guess. The physical layout doesn't have to change too much really, just the colour scheme and the graphics (my goal is a blue/white colour scheme, but it'll probably end up being orange or something. What I intend and what I end up with don't always have a lot in common...) and since the colour scheme is coded into the CSS it doesn't actually involve a huge amount of coding, only reason I'm not doing it right now is that I usually like to have at least one colour from the main graphic included in the overall scheme and since I have no graphics done yet... And I want to have a similar colour scheme for this journal as well - I already switched it over to the grey component layout for the moment but I miss having a banner at the top. May have to see what I can do about that tonight as well. ETA woo-hoo! I got a header image back on Component! Yay! The image that's there is not going to be staying, 'cause it's too short for one thing, but yay! I got an image back! end edit

Okay, spammed you enough I reckon, for the moment that is!
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