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Gosh I am tired. And gosh, I just used the word gosh twice. At work, not spoken to the person who was pissing me off to the point of blood boiling on Friday, and have nothing to do. Joy. I also forgot to lift my USB pen drive this morning which has the plans and rough drafts of the ficlets on it. This may actually be a good thing, if I restart the Veronica one then maybe I can actually get it finished this time.

I... kinda didn't get the layout work done that I wanted on the WKA this weekend so the launch of the new round is set back a little, I was too tired and uninspired to be honest, will be done tonight I hope (as well as the reworking of the categories and the LJ comm updates). And then... I am going to do bugger all. Nothing, nada, rien. I may cook - I bought stuff for baking at the weekend, cookies and scones may be forthcoming - but then again, I may not. I never seem to finish anything I plan anyway so what's the point?

yeah, I'm now reduced to just typing 'cause it makes it sound like I'm working. Good grief this place sucks. *makes note to check the Guardian's job pages at break* so I'm off to try to turn this typing into something productive.

Tags: random, wka, work
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