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random update

Um... ooops. In my bid to clear the virus/worm/tracker/whatever-it-was that was loaded onto my webspace, I deleted all the files that were not in use at the time. Unfortunately that included the WKA nominations form coding which is kinda... intense to put it mildly. So I'll be working on that today and tonight in a bid to have it online and useable by tomorrow along with the new look for the site. In the meantime, you can nominate at the LJ Comm wka_nominations (you do not have to be a member, or even be a registered LJ user) - just add a comment to the most recent nominations post (it's screened so no one but you and me can see it) and Robert's your father's brother. The layout is... almost complete I just need to change the CSS and the banner links (although I'm not 100% happy with the banner at the moment - it's the one at the top of the LJ Comm page - so it might be tweaked a little before tomorrow. (When I say it's almost complete, I mean the coding is done, it's not uploaded yet so it's still showing the round three info) So in short - the White Knight Awards is open for nominations with voting on the new round starting in December.

And I have to say a huge thank you to thedothatgirl for being so patient with me about the vidding thing - thank you again honey! I now have the clips I need and have started to put them all together. An hour and forty minutes to get just over 16 seconds... *g* I had completely forgotten just how much I love editing! It was without a doubt my favourite practical skill at uni - and I was damn good at it. Because my group generally finished first I was 'loaned out' to other groups to give them a hand in the edit suite - man that was soooo much fun! 'Course, with the sliders and frame advancers all being mouse controlled now it's taking me a little longer to actually get the hang of it, but still - fun! No clue when/if this vid will ever see the light of day, but something will at some point! It's too much fun really.

ETA I'm going to be annoying now and use an animated icon - from Torchwood!!! yay! (*worships at the alter of Captain Jack...*) Made by the fabulously talented martoufmarty
Tags: flist love, vidding, wka
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