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Took Dram to the vet today and my god he was like a different dog! Sniffing everywhere, running around the room - nothing at all like the lethargic doggy he's become lately. Vet says he's a little arthritic and has given me some anti-inflamatories for him but I can't start those till the weekend 'cause he got his booster shots today as well. So come Monday or Tuesday I should hopefully see a difference in him.

Fandom stuff - almost got the nominations form completed for WKA, just need to test it out and then put it live.

Wow, Dram's just walked through from the kitchen to see what I'm doing and he's walking at a fair pace, not the plodding rate he's been going at lately. Wow.

Anyways.... huge fandom news announced... well, officially today but it was leaked to the DW fandom yesterday. I made icons to commerate it. Because these are hugely spoilery not just for season two but for season three, I'm not posting them here - instead I'll link to the new community (whose name is also spoilery) set up yesterday. Are you absolutely sure you want to know? It's been announced by the BBC so it will be on the news - and is on the BBC DW site - but you never know... Sure? 'kay, here's the link to the icons then! And as one commentor put it yesterday, "God I love this fandom. We're not even supposed to know yet, let alone have icons!" *g*

Right - since I slept in and hurredly threw some random clothes on to take Dram to the vets I am now going to hit the shower and have some breakfast. Laters!

Oh - monkey_mattMatt! did you get that email I sent about the milk I left on the desk yesterday?
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