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And I was having such a nice day...

Today is going to be one of *those* days isn't it? Glorious weather, I slept a full night, so did the dog (oddly enough I didn't draw the curtains last night, I just shut the blinds so it should have been more difficult to sleep with the light coming in - wasn't), had a run in the glen with the dog this morning (honestly, he's like a whole new animal now - I'm wondering if his booster shots yesterday have really helped that much or if it's got something to do with me not being so stressed about him and he's picking up on that improved mood...). Got into work and everything fell apart... couldn't get my email open. And my shortcuts and bookmarks were gone. So I boxed up some microfilms which was part of my job years ago and which I had down to a fine art - all running in sequence, enough space to put new ones out, enough boxes to put new ones in, not too much dust out there (they're microfilms, they get used once in a blue moon) and I was even that proud of it that when Sea Of Souls were filming in the library I got all ranty with them for mucking up the order of my microfilms. (Yes, I get possessive over the strangest things...).

So anyway, there was a bit of a backlog waiting to be boxed last week and no boxes - I ordered a shocking amount of boxes and got to it this morning. I nearly wept when I saw the state of the films. They're out of sequence, there's no space - because no one fought for the space when the restructuring was done - the dust out there is an inch thick... And it's really warm and I've been lugging boxes full of microfilms all over the place. I am now logged in (obviously since I'm posting this) and haven't quite finished clearing some expansion space out at the microfilms, and yet it now seems that the person whose job it actually is doesn't care and is instead assuming I'm going to finish it. For the good of the microfilms - and because I know it won't take that long really - I will finish it. But when I want to.

And I've just noticed what looks like a flea bite on my arm. It's not from Dram, it wasn't there when I left the house... Gah! There's bugs in the microfilms?! *scritches*

eta I have a cut on my finger from where the edge of one of the cardboard boxes sliced it. It's not major, just a slightly deeper/wider than normal paper cut really, but there's bugs out there - s'pose they got into my finger through the cut and are now running amock in my bloodstream?! *g*

Seriously tired right now, as in hardly able to keep my eyes open at my desk. Maybe it's the bugs...

another edit Albums I must own before the month is out:
Through the Window Pane - the Guillemots
Trouble - Ray LaMontagne
Victory for the Common Muse - Divine Comedy
These Streets - Paolo Nutini

Shame I've got no money right now innit?
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